About school

The state institution “Middle comprehensive school №21 of the Department of Education of Kostanay Akimat” is a comprehensive institution.

Secondary school №21 was founded in November 1962, and it was reorganized into junior secondary school №21 in 1983.

The school was renamed  in “Middle comprehensive school  №21 of the Department of Education of Kostanay Akimat” by Akimat of Kostanay Resolution in January 2006

There were opened Classes for mentally retarded children according to article 10, paragraph 1, «Act of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Social, Medical and Educational Support for Children with Special Needs» in November 2005.

The work of this secondary school is regulated by the following documents:

  • the Constitution of Kazakhstan;
  • Strategy Kazakhstan 2030;
  • State programme for the development of education 2011-2020;
  • Act of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On education”;
  • Concept of 12-year education;
  • The Languages Act;
  • National standard of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan number Р. – 23.08.2012; 13.05.2016.

The main documents reflecting the development strategy of school number 21 as an educational system are:

  • Programme concept of the development (expertise);
  • Teaching and educative plan;
  • A special comprehensive programme.

The strategic goal of the school is to create an educational environment conducive to the fact that each student, regardless of his psychological and physiological characteristics, educational opportunities, inclinations, could realize himself as the subject of his own life, activity and communication.

School’s mission:

  • the provision of basic secondary education for each student at the highest possible and qualitative level in accordance with the individual capabilities of the individual;
  • affirmation of social optimism;
  • providing additional specialized training for students through pre-profile training for passing entrance examinations and further education in high school, college or vocational school;
  • providing psychological and pedagogical conditions for children.

Our school operates in a common complex consisting of two levels:

  • Level I – Primary school (grades 1 – 4)
  • Level II – secondary school (5-9)

               The language of study and education is Russian.

               The school works according to the working curriculum, which includes the invariant part, reflecting the state standard of educational content in the school, and the variable part, which is oriented towards the achievement of educational and educational goals in accordance with the profile of the educational institution and designed to form the qualities of a citizen of Kazakhstan.

There are two-day classes at school, a five-day school week and a 40-minute lesson.

The implementation of priority areas at each level of education is provided by the curriculum.

The choice of areas of pre-profile courses is determined by the educational needs of students and their parents, situations on the labor market in the city, region, and the availability of conditions for organizing pre-profile training.

In fact, all school graduates successfully pass entrance exams and continue their education in secondary vocational schools.

September 2021