Dear parents

There was the “Battle of the Choirs” competition at school. This competition in our school will be traditional. The competition was held in two stages:

January 25, 2019 5-9 classes, and January 26, 2019 primary classes.

The administration of our school wants to express the impressions about this competition “Battle of the Choirs”.

The theme of the competition was about our mothers.

Stage 1 Grades 5-9:

 Grand Prix 8th Grade class teacher Zhusupova A.K

1st place 5A class teacher, Seredenko E.V.

2nd place Grade 9 class teacher K.U Kisikova

3rd place 6B and team 7B, 7B, 8B classes.

2 stage elementary classes, the smallest talented pupils

Grand Prix 1B class teacher Seytkasimova D.S

1 place 1V class teacher G. Shkvarenko

2places 1A class teacher Nurmagambetova A.D.

3 place 2A class teacher Shkvarenko G.V,

3А class class teacher Lyagushina V.P.

Many classes made their performances with their parents. It’s great that all parents of the 1B grade participated in the competition. Almost all the school children participated in the competition.

Thank you so much for this holiday, dear parents and school children!


January 19, the school held “Business Day”

The main aims of this day were to do charitable activities to support and assist the public association “Kostanay Zoo Pulse”,  to expand students’ knowledge about different professions, to form a positive attitude to work, to encourage students to look for information about professions, to make a conscious professional choice.

The teachers and their pupils have organized some business places: cafe, karaoke, disco, room of the fear, beauty salon, hairdressing salon, virtual reality room.

The New Year holidays at school were held on December 25. These holidays were fun, interesting and memorable! All the children took part in the preparation of the New Year. Classrooms, corridors, gymnasium were beautifully decorated with classroom newspapers, drawings, Christmas tinsel and rain, snowflakes. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden looked at us from the classroom windows. In the center of our Assembly Hall was a tall and beautiful Christmas tree!

According to the school tradition, children and parents were shown a New Year fairy tale. The children sang songs, danced all the time. There were a lot of dances at the festival, everyone had fun, there were many surprises, games and a paper show. Children and their parents had a great fun!

As part of the celebration of Independence Day the city festival “I am a patriot” was held on the basis of the school of children’s creation, which was attended by the best students in grades 1-4, who joined the ranks of Zhas Kyran. The festival was divided into two rounds. 1 – business card, 2 creative performances. Our students performed at a high level and were awarded by a jury.


The most charming and talented girls of our school fought for the title of “Miss Independence” on December, 13

The competition was held for the first time, and the girls of grades  5-7 were attended in this competition. The competitors demonstrated their beauty, costumes, did the practical tasks, answered witty questions. And with all the tasks the girls coped with “excellent”. Even such a traditional competition as the “Business Card” they were able to turn into a small presentation.

On December, 14  within during the celebration of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, more than 20 boys and girls of school  21 joined the ranks of the republican public organization “United children and youth organization“ Zhas Ulan ”!

On December, 15 there was held a concert “Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, in this concert  teachers and students took place. At the beginning of the concert, the school headmaster A. Kabdulinova congratulate all the pupils, parents and teachers. During the concert there were poems and songs about  the celebration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

Traditionally on the first week of September, the Day of Health was held at our school – this day is free from studies, help student and parents to  do an active and healthy lifestyle. The participants lined up and shouted their greetings in chorus, then the actual competition began. The atmosphere here prevailed, as in some responsible tournament – the guys, fulfilling the conditions of the competitions, tried very hard not to let their squad down, and already passing the baton they were desperately “rooting” for their own. Teachers of the school were involved in judging at all stages. Health Day was very organized. This day gave everyone a charge of cheerfulness, good mood and left a vivid impression!

September 1 is a long-awaited day for everyone who crossed the school threshold for the first time. For some, this day is a step into the future, and for others it is a way to return to the school past. Both are ready to enter a completely new life. Therefore, this day is the most exciting and memorable for schoolchildren.

         The traditional line dedicated to the International Day of Knowledge and this year was colorful. The holiday was opened by the headmaster of the school Kabdulinova Anar Alibayevna. She welcomed the students and their parents with a festive speech and wished them success in the upcoming school year. By tradition, a 4th grade A class student of Alisa Golovaschenko continued the feast with a great song song.

The beginning of the new school year announced the long-awaited school bell.

The first-graders read poems, and ninth-graders sadly understood that this was their last “First Bell”! They read the instructions to the new students and presented them with the “Orders” so that the newly-made students would follow the school rules.

Both touching first-graders and adult graduates will remember this sunny autumn day for a long time.

We congratulate you on this wonderful day.

Good luck to you! Holiday, which is always with us!

September 2021